How does the TECNAPUR separation system work?

Diagram of the on-farm slurry management system

TECNAPUR Solid-Liquid Separator

Esquema del sistema

How does the TECNAPUR separation system work?

A pump drives the slurry to a chamber with a flow regulator that can be adjusted to the density of the slurry to be treated, so the same system can treat either very thick or very liquid slurry without the need for pre-filtering ramps to concentrate liquid slurry with low solid content.

This reception chamber is fitted with an exclusive patented unwanted plastic and solid retention system, meaning there is no need to fit grinder pumps, thereby generating high quality compost that does not contaminate the ground with plastics from ear-tags, catheters, etc.

The slurry then passes through a unique, innovative and patented double press and scraping sieve system with round holes that filter out animal hair. The pressing and scraping system (with no need to add water to prevent the sieve from getting clogged) is adjustable, and made of plastic, so there is very little friction against metal parts, thus ensuring high durability and low maintenance and energy consumption.

All of this is powered by a single 1 HP motor, making the Tecnapur Solids Separator the lowest consuming and most efficient separator on the market.

An electronic flow meter can be installed to record the volume of treated slurry.

TECNAPUR is a highly efficient comprehensive slurry management system.

If you have a farming operation,

take the challenge and manage it with a view to the future

Tecnapur is the solution.

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