The TECNAPUR system separates the liquid and solid fractions of slurry to generate gains in performance in a highly efficient manner and at a very low operating cost.

"The TECNAPUR separator, patented by Rotecna, works in 3 phases to obtain the highest performance at a very low operating cost."

Agitación de los residuos

Agitation of slurry

Stored waste can be stirred with a high-speed submergible agitator to raise the solids deposited at the bottom and remove any scale from the surface. Guaranteeing a uniform and homogeneous flow for separation.

Agitación de los residuos

Pumping of slurry to the separator

Slurry enters the separator at a uniform flow using a submergible pump with an anti-jamming system.

Agitación de los residuos

Liquid-solid separator

This system separates the liquid fractions from the solid ones by means of 3 simultaneous operations, filtering, pressing and scraping.

Tecnapur with the Rotecna guarantee

Years of experience means we are experts in slurry management, and can provide solutions with high added value.

Rotecna has decided to expand its field of activity and, under the TECNAPUR brand, invest in the study, innovation and development of a total slurry management system.

If you run a farming operation and want

to improve your finances
and the environment

Tecnapur is the solution.

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