How does the separator work?

Tecnapur Separator

The TECNAPUR separator is a solid-liquid separator made totally out of stainless steel that performs the three basic operations of filtering, pressing and scraping in a single system. 

The TECNAPUR separator has a large filtering surface that can treat up to 20 m3/hour (depending on the amount of solids) and consumes less than 0.75 kw/hour, well below the average consumption of any other machines currently on the market. And this means a huge saving in energy costs. The Tecnapur Solids Separator can operate automatically and is designed to require very little maintenance and suffers very little wear.

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  • Automatic operation.
  • 1 HP motor-reducer at 220/380 V.
  • Maximum treatment capacity: 20 m3/h* (*Depending on the amount of solids).
  • Depending on use, different filter sieve sizes can be fitted.
  • Dimensions: 2.27 m long x 1.218 m wide x 1.30 m high.
  • Net weight 340 kg.
  • Patented system.
  • Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.
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  • Separates up to a 20% of the dry matter.
  • Up to a 20% of the N and a 35% of the P and 10% K go to the solid phase.
  • Reduces up to the 15% of the volume of the liquid.
  • Improves the N-K-P balance of the solid phase.
  • Lower energy cost with consumption of less than 0.75 KW/h.
  • Highly versatile due to treating both very thick (with a lot of solid matter) or very fluid (with very little solid matter) slurry without the need for pre-filtering ramps to concentrate highly fluid slurry.
  • No need for grinder pumps.
  • High-performance separation due to large filtering area.
  • Machine performs the three basic operations: filtering, double press and scraping in a single system.
  • Very high performance liquid-solid separation due to very small area round-hole sieve (compared to other sieves with large triangular bars and rectangular holes).
  • No blockage due to adjustable brush cleaning system.
  • Due to the characteristics of the round holes in the sieve, it can separate animal hairs that get left in the solid part (unlike rectangular holes).
  • Exchangeable stainless steel sieves with option of different hole diameters.
  • Scraping and pressing system with plastic finish, avoiding friction between metal parts, which considerably reduces consumption and extends the useful life of the sieves and the scraping and pressing system.
  • Includes innovative new system for solid retention that withholds ear-tags and other plastics from the pigs in a control tray so that they can then be placed in the controlled waste tank rather than being spread in the fields and polluting the environment.
  • The solid fraction obtained without pollutant ground plastic can be used for as very high quality compost.
  • Input volume adjustment system for adjusting the system to different slurry densities.
  • Improves the fertilizing properties of slurry.
  • Reduces the application costs in the fields to be fertilized.
  • Facilitates the transport and application of the liquid phase.

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