What is Tecnapur?

TECNAPUR is a slurry management system.

Increases the value of the manure as an organic fertilizer in a simple way with a low cost.

How does it work?

Separates the solids in suspension of the slurry in acid medium avoiding emissions.

A first mechanical filtering is followed by a physicochemical separation by coagulation-flocculation.

What does it give us?

Financial gains and environmental benefits.

Generates high value byproducts with improved fertilization capacity, reduces the need of land and the application cost. All without contaminating emissions.



The Agitator homogenises slurry in cesspools for pumping by the Separator, thus guaranteeing a uniform input flow for optimum solid-liquid separation.

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imagen separador
imagen separador



The Tecnapur Solids Separator is a solid-liquid separator made totally out of stainless steel that performs the three basic operations of filtering, pressing and scraping in a single system.

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Following a mechanical filtration process that enables up to 40% of solids to be extracted from the slurry. The Tecnapur physical-chemical treatment extracts practically all suspended solids, reducing up to 75% of nitrogen and 95% of phosphorus from the liquid part with respect to the initial slurry.

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imagen separador

If you have a livestock farm, then take the challenge and manage

it with a view to the future

Tecnapur is the solution.


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